LANGUAGE SUMMARY What is the procedure to reset the GS1900 series to its factory default settings ?
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What is the procedure to reset the GS1900 series to its factory default settings if I don't know the switch’s iP address, user name and password, and unable to access the switch?


When a switch is reset to its factory default settings, it will clear entire previous configuration of the switch.


The way to reset GS1900 series varies depending on the models.


For XGS1910/GS1910 models:

We recommend resetting to default via the web GUI. Go to Maintain > Factory Defaults.
Click on “yes” to reset to default.

If it is not available via the web GUI, the user may need to reset to default by using the console.
Please refer the steps below:

Step 1. Connect to a Pc via the console.

Step 2. Power cycle the switch.
Step 3. Press Ctrl+C the combination key when the message appears “Executing boot script in 3.000 seconds

– enter ^C to about“.

Step 4. Type “Default”.

Step 5. Type “reset” after the “Erase from 0x4017ffff:……………..” message. The switch will reboot.
Step 6. After the switch has finished rebooting, the user can use the default account and password to access the switch.

For GS1900 models:

CLI command is unavailable, please the web GUI and refer the picture below;

Go to Maintenance > Configuration > Factory Default, click on “Restore” and then click on “OK”.



If it is unavailable to access switch, please press the “RESET” bottom in front panel for 10 seconds, the switch will be reset to factory to default after rebooting.


For GS1920 models

It unavailable to use CLI command, please via the WebGUI, Go to Management > Maintenance > Load Factory Default > and press “OK” to reset factory default.


If you cannot access the switch, please long press the “Reset” bottom to reset the device to the factory default settings. The switch will be reset to default settings after rebooting. The reset bottom can be found on the side of the device, depending on the models.


For GS1920-48


For GS1920-24, GS1920-24HP and GS1920-48HP








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