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[NEBULA] How to configure smart steering to optimize the wireless network?


[NEBULA] How to configure smart steering to optimize the wireless network?


Sometimes, the client sticks on the AP which has lower signal. To avoid client with long idle time or weak RSSI dragging the Wi-Fi connectivity. Nebula helps user to optimize the wireless network by monitor wireless clients and drop their connections when the clients are idle or have a low signal. The client has opportunity to steer to an AP with strong signal after dropped. Additionally, the wireless clients have dual band can also steer from one band to another. Configure Smart steering at Access Point > Configure > Radio setting to achieve it.

Following the steps:

1. Enable Smart Steering.

2. Click ADVANCED OPTIONS, the default value is shown as below. Station Signal Threshold is the minimum client signal strength the wireless client is allowed to connect to AP only when its signal is stronger than the threshold. Disassociate Station Threshold is the minimum kick-off signal strength, AP disconnects the wireless client when its signal is lower than the threshold. You could adjust the value based on the real signal strength monitoring. The appropriate value is the real signal strength with buffer 10dBm. The client’s signal strength can be monitored at Access point > Monitor > Clients after client connected to AP.


3. Select the checkbox Allow Station Connection after Multiple Retries to allow a wireless client to try to associate with the AP again after it is disconnected due to weak signal strength. Station Retry Count is to set the maximum number of times a wireless client can attempt to re-connect to AP.


4. For the roaming scenario, we suggest to configure the value as Station Signal Threshold: -75dBm; Disassociate Station Threshold: -90dBm to have better roaming performance.


Nebula Pro provides user to set the smart steering per APs. Select the specific AP then click Edit to configure the smart steering entries. Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio can be configurable.





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