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How to Use Two Factor with Google Authenticator for Admin Access?


How to Use Two Factor with Google Authenticator for Admin Access?


1. Enable Google Authentication on specific admin user
Select a specific admin user and switch to Two-factor Authentication tab.
Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Admin Access checkbox. In Two-factor Auth. Method, select "Google Authenticator". Click "Set up Google Authenticator" to start setting up Google Authenticator on your mobile phone and USG.
2. Set up Google Authenticator
Download and install Google Authenticator on your mobile device.
Register the admin account to Google Authenticator. Open Google Authenticator App and scan the barcode on Web GUI.
Enter the token code which displays on Google Authenticator to “Step 3” and click “Verify code and finish” to submit and verify the code.
The pop-up window message informs the verification result.
After 2FA registration is set up successfully, there are backup codes on web GUI. The backup codes are for device login in the case you don't have access to the application on your mobile device.
3. Configure valid time and login service types
Enable two factor authentication for admin access. Configure valid time and select which services require two-factor authentication for admin user. The valid time is the deadline that admin needs to submit the two-factor authentication code to get the access. The access request is rejected if submitting the code later than valid time. By default, the valid time is 3 minutes.



1. Login with the admin account "testadmin".
2. A pop-up window appears for administrator to enter the verification code.
3. Enter the code shown on Google Authenticator and click "Verify". You can also enter the backup code if you don’t have mobile device on hand.
4. Authorize with username, password and the token code successfully.


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