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How to configure Virtual server (NAT) with security policy


This topic will show you how to configure the security policy in NSG.

In most cases, you don't need to configure the firewall rule if there is no virtual server (NAT) rule. NSG has the default rule (running in background) to block the traffic from WAN to LAN.




If there is a NAT rule you can put trust IP in the "Allowed Remote IP" which is equal to a white list.

In Security gateway>Virtual server, has support, use the "," syntax for multiple IP addresses


You can still use security policy to block the unfriendly traffic If the client IP is not static.

For instance, the source IP from tries to access this virtual server which is not allowed.

VS_0 means the first entry of the virtual server rule.


Configure the security policy to block this IP. Source IP "" destination is ", Policy action select as "Deny".



Go to the event log and filter the firewall category and you will see log that cotains "Priority: 1 from any to any" where the priority is the security policy entry. Check the source and destination IP is the same as what we have configured in above steps. This access action has been denied by NSG firewall rule.



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