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How to collect the relevant logs of the NXC or AP easily and quickly at once instead of using GUI’s diagnostic function.


How to collect the relevant logs of the NXC or AP easily and quickly at once instead of using GUI’s diagnostic function.


  1. When you access to the AP by SSH sessions with Putty or Teraterm tools, please type the commands “sshcon enable” to transfer the data from the console to the SSH sessions.

If the console cable is connected to the NXC or AP directly, you don’t need to type this command.


Router> sshcon enable


argv list: zysh, attach, 1

cmd: /util/suexec /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.6.31/extra/ptycon.ko ptyconsole=/dev/pts/0

ioctl ret: 0, 2

DEBUG: pid = 3171, ppid = 3063

DEBUG: compare pid: 1327

DEBUG: compare pid: 2613

DEBUG: compare pid: 3063

DEBUG: SSH login session, ppid: 3063

DEBUG: is SSH user.

DEBUG: cmd: ps | grep 3063 | grep ssh

DEBUG: cmd result:  2617 admin      0:00 sh -c ps | grep 3063 | grep ssh


DEBUG: pts_ridx not located.

DEBUG: cmd result:  3063 root       0:00 sshd: admin@pts/0


DEBUG: pts ridx str: /0


DEBUG: pts #: 0

DEBUG: cmd: lsmod | grep ptycon

DEBUG: cmd result:


DEBUG: not found ptycon kernel module.

DEBUG: it's OK, ptycon kernel module not loaded yet.

DEBUG: cmd: lsmod | grep ptycon

DEBUG: cmd result:

ptycon                  3104  0


sshcon driver attached successfully.


  1. Type the command “show tech-support” and then press “Tab” button to show all different categories.



Router> show tech-support

aaa          all          capwap       cc           customized   interface    logs         misc         networking   smart_mesh   system       wireless


  1. Based on different issue symptoms, you can collect the logs with specific categories or type the command: show tech-support all to collect all relevant logs.


  • aaa , AAA (Authentication、Authorization and Accounting)
  • all, all logs          
  • capwap, CAPWAP-related between NXC/USG and AP     
  • cc, Nebula CC-related with netconf protocol between NCC and AP
  • customized, customized-related like captive portal   
  • interface, AP’s all interfaces include Ethernet and wireless
  • logs, AP’s event logs         
  • misc, Miscellaneous, AP’s configuration, firmware update log, reboot reason
  • networking, routing, IP address, VLAN and so on.
  • smart_mesh, mesh-related networking
  • system, dmesg, disklog, firmware version and so on.
  • wireless, radio, hostapd with connection-related, the information of the connected client, signal strength and so on.


Router> show tech-support all

After completing log collection , please disable the console message to SSH session.

Router> sshcon disable


  1. And provide the logs to Zyxel support.


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