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Why does the throughput of certain nodes decrease a lot on my Multy U System?


Why does the throughput of the node3 which is far from root node decrease a lot on my Multy U System? 

The node 3 is far from the root node, but there is a node 2 between those two node, why does the performance will still decrease.



Multy U is a tri-band mesh AP, and it will build multiple paths to nodes that can receive the signal from each other.
The Multy system will select the best path for the traffic, it is to achieve the best performance for the clients.
Scenario 1,
When there is a device connected to the node 3 as the topology below, node 3 will select the best path for the packet to send, if the node 3 is closer to the node1, and there isn't any interference in the system or environment, the system will decide to send the packet directly to the root. Typically the perforemance won't be affect that much.


Scenario 2
In this scenario, the phone is connected to node3 Multy, and node 1 and node 3 are far from each other or there is a wall between each, it affects the signal from node1 to node3.
The system will analyze all the paths on each node, and select the best path before the network packet be send, the system will decide to send the packet to node 2 first and node2 will send the packet to node1, and node 1 will send it to the WAN.
The reason that the system didn't choose to send the packet directly to node1 is due to the throughput and the RSSI of node1 to node3 is too weak, it isn't a good path for sending the packet, otherwise, the packet might drop before the packet arrived, or slower than the other path.
However, node 2 will have to provide the uplink of node3 and the downlink of node1 in the same time, the performance of node2 will decrease due to this cause, then it will affect the throughput of node3. 
That's why the performance of the device which connects to node 3 will drop, and the diagnose result for node 3 will lower than the other nodes.


PS, the performance will also be affected by signal interference, distance, and obstacles.




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