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How to use Kodi to watch media files of NAS540 via NFS?


NAS540 is connected to the router via Ethernet cable.
Moible phone is connected to the router via wireless.


1. Log into NAS540, and go to App Center and install NFS App.

2. Set up NFS Shared Folder.

3. Go to Control Panel > Terminal, and enable Telnet or SSH service, then click Apply.
In this example, it is enabled Telnet service.

4. Telnet or SSH into NAS540 (Username: root & Password is the same with admin account), and type cat /etc/exports to check NFS setting, then type vi /etc/exports to edit the setting.

5. Click i of your keyboard to enter edit mode. After that, you will see I in the bottom of screen. Then add ,insecure on two lines, such below screenshots.

6. After done, click Esc of your keyboard and type :wq then click Enter of your keyboard to save it and leave edit mode.

7. Type cat /etc/exports to check again, then type reboot to reboot your NAS540.



1. Download and install Kodi App on mobile phone, open it, then go to Videos > Files.
In this example, I went to Videos category to add NFS Shared Folder.

2. Tap Add videos....

3. Tap Browse.

4. Tap Network File System (NFS).

5. Waiting for a while, the screen will show on NAS540 IP address, then tap it.

6. Tap NFS path.
In this example, I used NFSv3 Path.

7. Tap NFS Shared Folder.

8. Tap OK.

9. Tap OK.

10. Tap OK.

11. After done, you can see NFS Shared Folder, then tap it.

12. You can see the media files of NFS Shared Folder.

13. You can watch it on mobile phone.


About the media files of NFS shared folder, I mapped NFS shared folder on Windows 10 before to put some videos into this folder. Then I can watch the videos on mobile phone. So, you need to mount it on Linux or Windows, then put the media files into NFS shared folder.


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