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How can users mount a volume of the NAS series via the iSCSI feature on Windows?


Before mount the NAS's iSCSI LUN on Windows, user has to create the iSCSI LUN on NAS. Following is a sample for NAS540:


Through NAS540 firmware version: V5.10 which has supported the feature of iSCSI, and please kindly follows the following steps to create the iSCSI LUN and mount the iSCSI LUN on Windows environment.


Create iSCSI LUN:

1.   Access NAS540 via http://NAS540_IP > click the icon of "Storage Manager"


2. Before create the iSCSI LUN, please make sure the Internal Storage volume has created.


3. Click iSCSI > iSCSI LUNs > Create


4. Enter the Name and Capacity > select the type of Allocation mode Next to the Summary > Apply to finish the creation process.



5. Check Windows client's iSCSI initiator information. 

     All Control Panel Items > Administrative Tools > iSCSI Initiator > iSCSI Initiator Properties > Configuration


6. Back to NAS to Create iSCSI Target.

    6-1. Back to NAS and click iSCSI Targets > Create > Enter the information of Name, IQN and Password > Next

            The password is definded by user and only allow 12-16 characters with 0-9, a-z, A-Z. Create



    6-2. Select LUN  Next


   6-2. Apply


The target is ready after clicking Apply.


When above steps finish, that user can start to mount the iSCSI LUN on Windows through iSCSI Initiator as following steps.


Mount the iSCSI LUN on Windows environment

1. Type the IP address in Target box > click Quick Connect > select the target item > click Connect.


2. Click Advanced > type the password in Target secret > click OK


Then the target item will show Connected.


After all steps finished, the iSCSI has already mount on WIndows, then we can check with Disk Management.


But before use, the disk needs to be initialized and format as the usable volume. Please follow below steps:

1. Right click > select Initialize Disk > choose GPT > OK


2. Right click > select New Simple Volume to start volume create, and till the volume create finish.



Then the disk will be a locally disk and use can save any files in the volume.


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