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How to use load sharing and Wake On LAN of the Synology NAS with the ZyXEL switch?


The Synology NAS supports the Wake On-LAN (WOL) feature.

When the Synology NAS connects to a ZyXEL switch via LACP, why can't we wake up the NAS by WOL?


You have to understand the LACP behavior first. 

If two devices want to build a link via LACP, they exchange LACP packets to confirm each other's status when connected. 

If they receive the LACP packet form each other, the port status will change to "forwarding" and then start to transfer packets. It means the LACP function is working.

If the device doesn't receive any LACP packet, it will consider there is no LACP neighbor, and set the port status to "blocking", which means the port doesn't forward the packet.


In this case, although the NAS and the switch support LACP, but when the NAS is offline, it will not send any packet out. The switch doesn't receive LACP packets from the NAS, so the switch will consider that LACP doesn't work anymore, and change the port status to "blocking".

The port which is "blocking" will not send any packets out, so that the switch can't wake up the NAS.

It is a normal behavior of LACP, so we consider that LACP is not suitable to use with WOL.


We have studied the Synology NAS, and confirmed the function's behavior.

If you want to load sharing by 2 Gbit/s links and use WOL, you only have to set up two links between the NAS and the switch.

The switch doesn't need any new configuration.

The NAS changes the link aggregation mode to "active" (as the following screen) automatically and will work.


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