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How to configure zCloud for remote access via myZyXELcloud?


How to configure zCloud for remote access via myZyXELcloud?




Follow the steps below to configure zCloud for remote access via myZyXELcloud.


Step 1.

Log into yours NAS. Click System Setting -> Firmware/Packages -> Package from the menu.

Select myZyXELcloud-Agent from the list. Click Install/Upgrade.


Step 2.

Click Apply to install the myZyXELcloud package.


Step 3.

After the installation is complete, go to


Step 4.

If you already have an account, enter your account information to sign in.

If you do not have an account, click the Sign Up button to register.


Step 5.

After signing in, you will see the NAS you are currently using. Click the Pairing button.


Step 6.

Click Confirm to pair your NAS.


Step 7.

Press the pairing button of your NAS as shown in the screen.


Step 8.

After the NAS has been paired successfully, click Confirm.


Step 9.

Enter the host name that you want to use. Click Submit.


Step 10.

After the DDNS setting has been successfully configured, click Confirm.


Step 11.

Configure the UPnP setting and click Submit.


Step 12.

After the UPnP setting has been successfully configured, click Confirm.


Step 13.

Information of the NAS is shown.


Step 14.

Log into your router and configure the router's NAT application (port forwarding) settings.

The following example configures ZyXEL NBG-418N v2's port forwarding to send traffic to the NAS.


Step 15.

Download and install zCloud on your smart phone, then select Find a NAS.

The following example uses an Android smart phone.


Step 16.

Enter the NAS's login information and click Login.


Step 17.

Now you can remotely access the NAS from your smart phone.



The following example uses zCloud to Upload/Download files.

Upload files to NAS.


Select files to download from NAS.



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