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How to use Transmission package of NAS series?


How to use Transmission package of NAS series?


Installing Transmission from the Package Management

  •   Log into the NAS using NAS Starter Utility or a Web browser.
  •   Click System Setting > Firmware/Packages > Package.
  •   Click Retrieve List From Internet, select the Transmission package from   the table and then click the Install/Upgrade button .

  •   Click Apply to install the Transmission package.


Configuring Transmission on the NAS

 After installing and running, click the link provided (for example, to configure Transmission . 

  • Click Open Torrents found at the top-left corner of the screen, and then click Choose Files to upload torrent files.
  •  A dialog box displays, which lets users select torrent files. Click Open after the files have been selected.

 The number of chosen torrent files is displayed on the Upload Torrent Files window. Simply click the Upload button to upload all the files .

  •  All the chosen torrent files will be listed in the Main Transmission screen after they have been uploaded. The files are available for download immediately .




Check the download status of Transmission on the NAS 

  •  After download is complete, the progress bar changes color from blue to green.
  •  In order to get the actual downloaded file, open the  and click Shared Folder. Enter the User Name and Password to get access to the folder .



  •  After logging into the storage, users can see all the shared folders as well as the default storage folder of Transmission, which can be found in the admin shared folder .
  •  After the download is complete, users can find the files stored on the NAS. The default location for downloaded files is admin > download > Transmission .



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