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Error message "Invalid Recovery Image" appears on the console while ZyWALL is starting up.


Error message "Invalid Recovery Image" appears on the console while ZyWALL is starting up.


The ZyWALL's recovery image and/or firmware could be damaged, for example, by the power going off during a firmware upgrade. This section describes how the ZyWALL notifies you of a damaged recovery image or firmware file. Use the steps below if your device has stopped responding for an extended period of time and you cannot access or ping it.

Step 1: Use a console cable and connect to the ZyWALL.


Step 2: Press any key when you see the message "Press any key to enter debug mode within 3 seconds" to enter debug mode.

Step 3: Enter the command below to initialize the recovery process.

USG 200> atuk

Step 4: Enter "Y" and wait for the "Starting XMODEM upload" message before activating XMODEM upload on your terminal.


Step 5: When the message "Starting XMODEM upload (CRC mode)" appears, select the recovery image file to upload to ZyWALL with 1K Xmodem protocol.

(You can find the recovery image file from the firmware package, the extension file name is .ri. If you are using the windows HyperTerminal, select "Transfer">"Send File" and specify the recovery image file in the Filename field, and select the 1K Xmodem from the Protocol field.

Step 6: After the db file is uploaded, use the command below to reboot the device.

USG 200> atgo


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